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employer of record

Expand into Asia with ease
Do you want to expand your business to new markets, but don't have the time, resources, or expertise to deal with the legal and administrative complexities of hiring and managing employees abroad?

Our Employer of record services allow you to hire and pay employees in Asia, without having to set up a local entity or worry about local labor laws and regulations. We will act as the legal employer of your workers and manage their entire employment lifecycle, while you
 retain full control over the recruitment, training, and supervision of your employees.

 ✓  Fast & Easy market entry for your business

 ✓  Reduced Cost & Liabilities for your business

 ✓  Enhanced Focus on your core business

 ✓  Deep Industry Expertise: we work with Government Agencies, MNCs, and SMEs

 ✓  Full Employment Cycle handled by us (onboarding, payroll, taxes, benefits, compliance)

 ✓  Full-Service HR: We can also help you recruit and manage work pass applications

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