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work pass applications

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Want to hire a Foreigner in Singapore?

We specialize in work pass applications for foreigners, with a 95% success rate for first-time applications. This is as we are upfront with our clients from the get-go, and will only submit an application when all recommended conditions are met. 

Lack the resources to hire and manage on your own? We can also supply specialised manpower services, freeing you up to focus on other important aspects on your business.

 ✓  30 years of industry experience

 ✓  Transparent & Competitive pricing

 ✓  High Success Rate in work pass applications

 ✓  Full-Service HR: We can also source, onboard and manage the foreign employee for you


All-in Fee inclusive of:

  • MOM Application Fee

  • MOM Pass Issuance Fee

  • Follow up queries and appeals to MOM

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